Brazzaville Meeting 2005

Many of the members of the network helped to organize a workshop in Brazzaville in 2005 which produced a regional action plan for the conservation of chimpanzees and gorillas in western equatorial Africa.
This meeting brought together over 70 participants representing range-state governments, national and international conservation organizations, research institutions and funding agencies.

Workshop participants agreed that by far the most serious short-term threats to apes in this region are poaching and disease epidemics. In the longer term, however, workshop participants believed that habitat loss and disturbance will become as serious a threat as hunting and disease. Experts agreed upon a list of 12 priority areas (seven exceptional areas and fi ve important areas), as well as two areas that are priorities for surveys.

Experts also identified knowledge gaps including improved census methods and information accessibility, large-scale survey and monitoring efforts, and further research on Ebola. The experts recommended actions that could improve the conservation outlook of these apes, next five years.